Academy Testimonials

Nathan PringNathan Pring
Isaacs ACT, Australia
Class of October 2010

The training I've received has bumped up my skills from virtually non-existent to where I feel I could confidently build a stock car from scratch. I've had a fantastic time here at Hedgecock and have felt right at home.  I will miss this place. Thanks Jay, Keith, Billy, Averitt, Mack

Lance White
Mooresboro, NC
Class of October 2010

My learning experience was great at Hedgecock Racing.  By far it is the only place you can get the best teaching skills in motorsports.  Hedgecock is the only solution if you’re looking to attain a job in NASCAR or the motorsports industry.  Jay has a great name in the race car business, everyone knows him and his great work he does.  This is why I believe Hedgecock Racing is such a great school.  Everyone at Hedgecock is very helpful in your nine week experience.  When I first come to Hedgecock I knew very little, now nine weeks later hopefully I can attain a job in the racing industry.  I can't give enough thanks to all the employees at Hedgecock Racing for your great learning experience.  Thanks Jay, Keith, Billy, & Averitt

Ryan Hoffmeyer
Osgood, IN
Class of April 2010

Hedgecock Racing Academy is on the job training, the staffing there is great, and they were there to help whenever I needed it.  I attended another racing school in NC and nothing compared to the training I received at Hedgecock Racing.  I actually got full hands on approach to everything it takes to build a racecar from the ground up.  The employees there are personable, have great work ethics, and do top of the line work.  I had minimal experience in fabrication and what it takes to work for a race team before going to Hedgecock Racing.  Being able to go out and work with different teams during the week and on the weekends was a prime opportunity to see how actual race teams work and what work gets done leading up to a race.  Having on track experience, along with the in-shop experience instills confidence in future employers and will also increase my chances in landing that job with high end race team.  Thank you so much to everyone involved with my awesome experience at Hedgecock Racing Academy

Ethan Johnson
Broken Bow, Nebraska
Class of June 2009

Hedgecock Racing was the best move for my racing career! Instead of taking my car to the chassis builder, I can now do it myself with confidence. I was either at the shop working hands-on building something or I was at the race track learning more about how the cars handle by what we did to them at the shop. The guys at the shop are easy to get along with and are more than willing to help teach you stuff. They will also push you to be better.

Spencer MacPherson
Carleton Place, ON
Class of January 2010

"Hedgecock Racing Academy is a must for any racer or someone looking to get a job in motor sports! My time at Hedgecock taught me so much that I have transferred into my own racing. The staff at Hedgecock is extremely knowledgeable and is fun to be around. They make your stay enjoyable while still getting down to work and covering a lot of valuable information in a short period of time. I have taken so many new skills with me that I learned from my experience at Hedgecock that I put to use every day! Thanks so much to Jay, Keith, Billy, Averritt, and Josh."

Trevor Compeau
High Point, NC
Class of January 2009

“Attending Hedgecock Racing Academy was the best career move I have made.  If you’re looking for fast paced, hands on experience, this is where you need to come.  The staff at Hedgecock Racing Academy is very knowledgeable with many years in the racing industry.  Thanks to Jay, Keith, and Billy"

Daniel Enscore
Kernersville, NC
Class of October 2008

“I would say that going to Hedgecock Racing Academy was the best decision I’ve made so far.  You learn all the hands on skill to build a racecar from the ground up.  I strongly recommend going to Hedgecock Racing Academy. "

Eric Peterman
Tampa, FL
Class of Summer, 2007

"Hedgecock Racing Academy is the place for race car fabrication!  Through hands on training and on the track experiences, I gained the skills needed to be a valuable asset to a major Nationwide Series team in just 4 weeks after graduation.  If a career in motorsports is what you are looking for, the guys at HRA know what they are doing and provide the best learning environment period!  One of the greatest things about HRA is that you don't have to know everything in order to attend.  If you apply yourself, ask questions and do what they tell you to do, success is a guarantee, not just a promise!  Thanks, Jay, Billy, Keith, Mark, and Deborah!"

Brian Little
Clemmons, NC
Class of Summer, 2006

"Going to Hedgecock Racing Academy has given me a solid foundation on which to build my career in the motor sports industry.  With Jay’s recommendation, I had no problem obtaining a job at the Nextel Cup level.  Thanks Jay, Billy and Keith. "

Bailey Stone
Troy, North Carolina
Class of March 2007

“I can say without a doubt, that Hedgecock Racing Academy is the premier school for stock car fabrication. The education I received from Hedgecock puts me at the top of the interview list, no matter where I go. Going to HRA is the best decision I've made. If you want the chance to work in the Stock Car world, going to HRA is the first place to go. "

Bo Kilbourn
Witten, South Dakota
Class of December, 2006

“I moved over two thousand miles away from home so I could take the training at Hedgecock Racing. It was well worth it. After graduation, I landed a job in the racing parts industry. Thanks to Hedgecock Racing Academy. "

Mike Matzelle
Charleston, SC
Class of October 2006

“Hedgecock Racing Academy allows you to learn and work in a real race car fabrication shop with a long Nascar history. Jay has been an innovator in the chassis fabrication business that continues today. Within a few months of completing Jay's course, I was hired by Richard Childress Racing as a fabricator. If any student applies themselves and utilizes the knowledge available to them while at H.R.A., you too can be employed in the racing industry."

Brad Burnett
Richard Childress Racing
Mars Hill, NC
Class of October 2006

“Thanks to Hedgecock Racing Academy & the staff, I’ve had no problem finding a job in the racing community. The academy taught me how to begin the fabrication process and the basics to chassis setup and design. AS I now work for a major Nextel Cup Team, the basics I learned at Hedgecock Racing Academy still apply in everyday situations that I encounter. The relationships I made at Hedgecock Racing Academy are one of the best things that have helped me. I believe the academy could help anyone with the right attitude and a strong desire to make it into whatever fabrication field they so desire.

Jeremy Dennis
High Point, NC
Class of October 2005

“Attending Hedgecock Racing Academy was one of the best learning experiences of my life. I was taught in a hands-on environment by people with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both racing and fabrication. A few months after completing the course, I was hired by a major Nextel Cup team. I recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in motorsports or simply furthering their knowledge of fabrication."

John Leslie
Class of October 2005

“Couple months before attending Hedgecock Racing Academy I moved to NC from Massachusetts to get involved in racing either by going to a school or being an intern somewhere. After looking into a hand full of schools, HRA was one of only a few that was just focused on racing and what went into it. Shortly after finishing up at the school, I went back up north and started working on a Busch North team, which raced a couple of times in Canada. And now for the 2007 season I've moved over to a new Busch North/East team where I have more responsibility and opportunity to succeed in racing." - John

John Lowery
Jefferson, MD
Class of March 2006

“Going to Hedgecock Racing Academy was not only the best career move I've made, but also very fun and enjoyable. The skills I learned from Jay helped me improve my own racecar, and when I relocate to N.C. I know I'll be able to find a good job."

John Lowery
Jefferson, MD

Averitt A. Lucas
Manning, SC
Class of March 2006

“My time spent at Hedgecock Racing Academy gave me knowledge of what was expected of me in the racing industry. After completing the 9 week fabrication classes, I applied, looking for a job in the racing business. While looking, I was given the opportunity to work for Hedgecock Racing Enterprises. While working there, I obtained more knowledge in the racing field and was able to get a job at a Nextel Cup Team as a fabricator.” John Hayworth - Trained with Jay

Team - Petty Enterprises
Title - Shop General Manager

"Jay is one of the best fabricators that I have ever met."

"..Jay's training helped me to pursue a career in NASCAR. I don't think that I would be doing what I am doing now if it weren't for Jay Hedgecock."

"Affiliation with Hedgecock Racing on a resume will definitely help newcomers get jobs because most GM's and shop managers know Jay and his work."

"..a lot of drivers have bought chassis from Jay because they know his work and wanted the best."

"..There are lots of guys in the industry now that got their start in one way or another through Hedgecock Racing...”

Justin Coble
Greensboro, NC
Class of October 2005

“Going through the training at Hedgecock was the best thing I ever did. Shortly after graduation, I was able to get on with a major Nextel Cup team doing what I love – building race cars”

Jonathan Williams
Pleasant Garden, NC
Class of October 2005

”I learned how to build a car from the ground-up at Hedgecock and one month after I graduated, I landed a job at a major Nextel Cup team. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into motor sports.”

Ed Berrier - Trained with Jay
Occupation - Busch Grand National and Nextel Cup Driver

"..Jay is very smart with chassis, shocks, body work…basically everything about building a stock car… "....Hedgecock Racing Academy would be a great learning experience for anyone wanting to get into the racing industry…"

"…having a Hedgecock Certification will look good on their resume when talking to Cup teams because virtually everyone in the industry knows Jay Hedgecock…"


David Hyder - Worked for Jay
Team - Bam Racing #49 Car
Title - Crew Chief "…Jay has been around the sport forever and is a great fabricator himself.."

"…there are a lot of very successful people in NASCAR that have come through Hedgecock Racing…"

"….when Jay started building chassis and cars, he was way ahead of his time...”

"..I got my start at Hedgecock Racing and know that Jay will run a good school… please let me know if there is ever anything that I can do to help…"

"..I won a bunch of races driving cars that Jay built…"

Carl Edwards - Worked for Jay
Team - Penske

Title - Stock Car Fabricator "…Jay is a great person to learn from because he has so much knowledge and experience in all forms of racing."

"…The other fabrication schools don't seem to have the same race shop atmosphere and expertise as Hedgecock Racing; it would definitely be a great place for newcomers to get involved…"