Hedgecock Racing Enterprises

Hedgecock Racing Enterprises is a “Leader In Stock Car Manufacturing” located in High Point, North Carolina.  We have been in business over 34 years designing and building stock cars and trucks, motorcycles, and restoration of old American cars. 

Hedgecock Racing offers complete late model Coil Over & Big Spring chassis, straight rail chassis, truck chassis, and Whelen modified chassis, as well as customize fabrication.  Need a roll cage installed in street car, shocks dyno with Roehrig Shock Dyno, chassis set-up… Hedgecock Racing should be your first stop for quality work.   Complete stock of race car parts and yes, we have “RACING FUEL”.

Achieve a WIN with “Championship” title in your future with a Hedgecock Chassis.  We provide the “GO” you provide the “GUTS”.   Hedgecock…. Get your win on!   It's always better to race an "ORIGINAL" Hedgecock Racing Chassis, copies just won't do!  Hedgecock racing chassis = champions, winners and top finishers!

A Hedgecock Racing Chassis has won “The National NASCAR Whelen All-American Series” 8 times: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  Hedgecock Racing Chassis claimed 1st and 2nd place in 2013 of this prestigious award which is honored across the United States tracks.  In 2017, Lee Pulliam tied four time champion Philip Morris!!!   Both gentlemen wheeled a Hedgecock chassis to win the National Championship. Lets see what 2018 holds for Hedgecock Racing teams.

Our winter fabrication schedule is booking up so our customers are ready for the next racing season.  Don’t get left behind…Order your winning Hedgecock race car today! 

“What’s the difference in Winning vs.  5th place finish?”  … Hedgecock Racing Enterprises   

Get your “WIN ON” with A Hedgecock Chassis!

Hedgecock Racing Rental Program

Become a part of the Hedgecock team with our Race Car Rental Program.  We have NASCAR late model stock car as well as Straight Rail car available for rental.  Our rental program works two ways.   You can hire Hedgecock Racing to set-up your own Hedgecock Chassis or you can rent an in-house Hedgecock chassis for flat rate as part of the race ready “show up and drive” program.
Proven winning history!  Make your racing experience a great one….. Join the team!!  Jay Hedgecock has 40 years of experience having driven in several NASCAR series as well as winning several championships of his own.

You will get unparalleled shop preparation and race track expertise to make your career in racing successful quicker with Hedgecock Racing by your side.  We provide the “GO” you provide the “GUTS”.   Hedgecock…. Get your win on!   

We take care of everything so you can concentrate on driving!

Hedgecock Racing Academy Program

Hedgecock Racing educates individuals looking for a career as a NASCAR team member. Learn to build a race car from the ground up as a team and then track test it as a class.  All training is hands-on in a real race car fabrication shop.  We offer 9 week stock car fabrication training program and 3 week welding program.  The Academy is known in the motor sports industry as the premier stock car fabrication training center.  The NASCAR teams as well as other motor sports industry leaders contact Hedgecock Racing frequently asking for qualified people looking for jobs. 

Hedgecock Racing Academy Fabrication Certification graduates will have a distinct advantage over individuals with no formal training or graduates from other programs; Jay's reputation and industry connections will be a valuable tool as you move your motor sports racing career forward.

Many, many graduates have received jobs within the motor sports industry from attending Hedgecock Racing Academy! Make your dreams come true today.  Join one of the racing industries best known stock car fabricators, Jay Hedgecock, for his one of a kind Stock Car Fabrication Certification training program.

Hedgecock Racing Academy is “The Launch Pad for Motor Sports Career”!


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